How to pipe beautiful buttercream butterflies

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Learn how to pipe a beautiful buttercream butterfly for your cake without any special piping tips!

I first had the idea to pipe butterflies out of buttercream when piping my little buttercream flower fairies (see them here) for my buttercream fairy house cake tutorial.  It took me a while, but I finally got round to trying it out and making this buttercream butterfly and rose wreath cake.  I think they turned out great, and I love the fact you don’t need to rush out and buy any specialist piping tips to make them.  All you need are a disposable piping bag, a bit of cellophane, some buttercream and a good amount of patience!

I decided to make beautiful jewel green and black/ dark brown coloured butterflies after a quick image search on Google.  I had no idea such beautiful, bright butterflies existed – and just how many varieties there are.  I think there might be one every colour you’d need to put on any cake you could ever make!

I started with an acrylic work board lined with a parchment paper circle (see my recommended products list to nab yourself some here). Next I cut a DIY leaf tip into my piping bag to pipe the wings (video tutorial link here) and made a cellophane cone full of darker buttercream for the outline (video tutorial here).  Some careful piping later and my beautiful butterfly wings were ready to freeze then pop on a cake!

I took a smooth-iced cake (see my “secrets of the perfecty smooth buttercream finish” post if you don’t know how to make one) and piped a bunch of gorgeous red roses to go on top, which I also froze.  You can see how to pipe perfect buttercream roses in my video tutorial here:

Then I decorated the cake. You can watch my “beautiful buttercream butterflies” buttercream butterfly piping tutorial here:

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