Check out the cake decorating tools & products I recommend for use in following my YouTube tutorials!  Piping tips, colours, lustres, brushes, camera and more…*.  Just click on the buttons below to see the item on Amazon – there’s no obligation to buy if you do.

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Cake decorating must-haves:

  • Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer The most stylish and practical kitchen gadget out there – invaluable if you make buttercream or cakes a lot.  This is top of my list of products to own if you’re a serious baker.
  • Kitchen Aid Flexible Edge Beater  A great time saver, with this you don’t need to stop to scrape the bowl.
  • Set of round cake pans  A good set of round pans is an absolute must for a serious baker, mismatched & poor quality pans make your baking so much more likely to fail.  These sets contain a few of the most useful and commonly required pan sizes for cakes.
  • Ateco Cake Turntable This is my favourite turntable, it rotates so smoothly making it a joy to decorate on.  You can see me use it in my semi naked cake tutorial video.
  • PME plastic cake scraper  my absolute favourite scraper, so light and easy to use.  You can see it in many of my videos, including my Smooth buttercream finish tutorial.

Flowers & Piping:

Colours & Lustres I love:


Protein powders :

These are great for use with my Original SEBC buttercream recipe.

  • Whey protein powder Made from milk, this protein gives beautiful structure to my egg free Swiss buttercream.
  • Soy protein powderSoy protein powder A plant based alternative for vegans or those who wish to avoid dairy products.



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