3D Buttercream Flower Bouquet Cake – Mother’s Day cake

3D buttercream flower bouquet cake - Mother's day cake - free online video cake decorating tutorial - ffeabysawsen.com

Watch how to create a carved 3D buttercream flower bouquet cake step by step in this new video tutorial.  Learn how to carve a cake, coat unusually shaped edges smoothly in buttercream, then pipe and arrange beautiful buttercream flowers like roses, hydrangea, lavender and flower buds to make an edible buttercream flower bouquet.  Perfect for Mother’s day, which falls on Sunday 26th March 2017 in the UK.

You can relax and watch a video of the process, and all the other details you’ll need are in the blog post below.  Enjoy!


Buttercream recipe:

If you’re a home baker or hobbyist, you can use my super easy & delicious Simple Buttercream recipe below. Serious foodies or pro’s should use my original SEBC buttercream recipe, beneath the simple version.

Sawsen’s Simple Buttercream recipe – smooth, easy, delicious & less sweet!

Sawsen’s Egg Free Swiss buttercream (SEBC) recipe – vanilla, chocolate, caffe latte, maple syrup, strawberry milk, cream cheese flavours & more!

Piping tips: for each buttercream flower

  • Wilton 104 for large roses
  • Wilton 102 for small rosebuds
  • Wilton 1M for hydrangeas
  • Piping cones for lavender, leaves/ vines & and buds – DIY piping cones video tutorial


Watch my natural DIY food colours video for more details.  You can also use any gel food colouring you wish.

  • Green:  Spirulina & matcha powder
  • Rosebud Pink colour: a little beetroot powder
  • Yellow: turmeric powder
  • Pale peach: very little beetroot powder
  • Light & dark Purples: Purple professional dropper colour
  • Light & Bright Pinks: pink gel food colour

Take a look at my all new “recommended tools & products” list if you’d like to see exactly which natural colours I used, or which gel & dropper colours I recommend.

Products I Recommend



  1. Bake 2 layers of a cake using a recipe of your choice.  If you need a recipe, follow the link below (make one batch in 2x 6″ pans).

    Perfect Sponge Cake Recipe


  2. Prepare a batch of my buttercream, links above, and colour using natural or gel colours.  For pale colours you can use the powders dry, just make sure they are crushed/ sifted free of any lumps first.  Otherwise, you can mix powders with a tiny bit of warm water until you get a thick paste before use.
  3. Divide the buttercream into piping bags fitted with the appropriate tips.
  4. Pipe roses and rosebuds onto parchment paper and freeze solid.
  5. Carve the cake layers as shown and arrange on a 12″ board.
  6. Crumb coat and chill until solid.
  7. Cover the cake in purple and pink buttercream as shown, mimicking the paper wrapping of a flower bouquet.  Use a clean piece of acetate to smooth over the curves and clean the edges.  Add one colour at a time, chilling well between to avoid blurring of colours.
  8. Decorate by piping hydrangea bunches as shown.
  9. Begin adding frozen flowers, largest first.  Note: this seems like a lot of buttercream, but it is still less on each slice than you would get on a cupcake with a tall swirl on top.  Once the cake is cut into slices this becomes obvious.
  10. Pipe leaves, lavender and buds to fill the gaps and complete the cake
  11. Pipe a string bow around the thinnest part of the bouquet stems to complete.  Optionally, pipe more lavender and flowerbuds beside the cake on the board.

That should be all you need to know to make your own 3D buttercream flower bouquet cake 🙂  Thank you for watching, subscribe & stay tuned for more tutorials to come!


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