Exclusive Preview – Penny Dreadful Cake Collab

“Welcome and BEWARE- you have entered the realm of the Penny Dreadful Cake Collaboration- CAN YOU HANDLE THE HORROR- A collaboration that explores the dark, chilling and spine tingling tales from “The penny dreadful horror classics”. Frankensteins Monster, Dracula, Dorian grey, Jack the Ripper, Werewolves, Demons and Vampires, Jekyll and Hyde interlaced with a generous helping of Victoriana and re-imagined in cake, cookies, cupcakes or sugar art. Show your dark side and dare to shock!!!!”

Are you ready to see something dark, unexpected, and awesome?  This is one of the most unique, scary and fun cake collaborations out there, one which I’m eternally grateful to have been a part of.  The talent and vision of this group of artists is off the charts – save the date for reveal day and you’ll see what I mean.  For now, here’s your exclusive chance to view 5 pieces out of over 30 which will be revealed on October 1st ~ just a taste of what lies in store!


  1. Love Never Dies ~ Sawsen Ali

Fancy Favours & Edible Art

My piece was inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s lavish 1992 interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, particularly the iconic costume design of Eiko Ishioka and the love story between Count Vlad and his wife, Elisabeta. My main inspiration for the piece were the costumes of the couple in their ascension to heaven, as shown in the prologue, and the fresco on the chapel ceiling in the moving final scene of the film.





The top tier features a cracked sugar mirror (tutorial vid to come!), the middle tier is based on the Dracula family crest as worn by Elisabeta, and the lowest tier on the muscle armour of Vlad the Impaler.  You can see some of my inspiration pics below.



2.  Mena ~ Rebekah Naomi Wilbur

Rebekah Naomi Cake Design

Rebekah writes, “My cake was inspired by the Novel ‘Dracula’ and the Penny Dreadful tale “Varney the Vampire” I also looked towards neo Victorian Gothic fashion, specifically I came across an image via Google of a lady in dark Victorian Gothic dress walking towards a grave; it epitomized the story I wanted to tell. I wanted to portray feelings of forbidden lust, desire and passion and showcase the beauty in the Horror. The bottom tier features ruffles that have been textured with a damask pattern. I added an overlay of black sugar lace to emulate the ruffled look of an over skirt and replicate the look and feel of fabric. I wanted to add quilting to the central tier, so I chose this particular style to represent a crucifix, the quilt pattern actually looks like the gravestone in the picture. The top tier features more texture, dripping aurora borealis Swarovski crystals and a large brooch. The cake is adorned with metallic and deep red roses, to represent blood and desire.”


photo credits: Dakota James Photography, http://www.dakotajamesphotography.com/

Rebekah’s inspiration picture is shown below.



3.  The Raven – Jennifer Jenkins Kennedy

Jennifer says, “My inspiration was the classic poem “The Raven” written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1845.  It is a spooky poem about a man who has lost the love of his life and begins to lose his mind as a raven flies in his window and seems to repeat the word “Nevermore” over and over.

The first tier of my cake is inspired by a drawing of trees and crows that create the image of the author, Edgar Allan Poe.  I used a combination of painting and piping cake lace to create the image I then placed over white fondant.

The second tier quotes the famous line from the poem, “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore’”.

The topper depicts an image from the poem — a raven perched on a bust of the goddess Athena, who is referred to in the poem as a “Bust of Pallas” (Pallas Athena).  My inspiration here was from an illustration by Edouard Manet which shows the Raven on a bust of Athena.  The goddess was often represented with a helmet pulled back off her face.  It was a symbol of wisdom and meant to show that the narrator of the poem was a scholar.”

File Aug 11, 9 09 33 AM

File Aug 11, 9 10 39 AM

File Aug 11, 9 11 02 AM

Jennifer’s inspiration picture can be seen below.  It was reproduced in edible format with permission of the original artist, Carlo Giambarresi.



4.  Jack the Ripper – Mayra Estrada

Cake Creations by ME

Mayra writes, “My piece was inspired by Jack The Ripper the notorious serial killer who terrorized Whitechapel in 1888, works of fiction inspired by the Whitechapel murders, ranging from gothic novels published at the time of the murders to recent motion pictures and televised dramas.

In order to create the texture effect in the first tier, I used a patterned embossed cardstock paper for scrapbooking.  A tutorial has been provided for the texture effect.  For my second tier, I used the brick silicone onlay by Marvelous Molds and hand painted the scene with edible paint.”

blog image




Mayra’s inspiration pictures can be seen below.




5. Eternity – Dario Garcia

El Tartero Real

“My inspiration for the piece have been vampires, a subject that fascinates me” writes Dario. “I wanted to reflect the eternal love in this work. A wedding cake elegant and immaculate, completely white that looks inspired by the garments of the era, framed by a golden pedestal and a wooden base that give a full role to the centerpiece.

The punch line is the blood that flows from the upper floor, the vampire bite that is the key to the door to eternal life.

On the table a large golden cup full of fresh blood, prepared for a first toast, prepared for eternity.”




Dario’s inspiration pictures can be seen below.


These 5 pieces were featured in the September/ October issue of American Cake Decorating Magazine as non-traditional wedding cakes.  Copies are on sale in stores and online now if you’d like to go see 🙂

ACD_SeptOct2015 1

This is just a small fraction of the incredible work put together by this amazing group of artists – so many astonishing, imaginative, terrifying pieces I’m dying to show you but can’t yet! Be sure to look out for the full reveal on October 1st, and prepare for the most stunning frights of your life!




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