Wedding Cake using only the “Easiest Rose Cutter” range

We all know the “Easiest Rose Cutter Ever” range are great for beginners in sugar flower making, but can they also give a truly professional looking result?  Would it be possible to use only these cutters and make a floral wedding cake that looked every bit as professional as usual?  This had to be the biggest question in my mind when first seeing these cutters.  I had an idea for a tiered white wedding cake with a diagonal central sugar flower spray – the type that is usually made using wired flowers – which I set myself the challenge of recreating the “easiest cutter” way.

Here’s the result – what do you think? Would you be able to guess how these flowers were made? ๐Ÿ™‚

The full video of the process can be seen here:

Read on for the written instructions and product list…

easiest rose cutter ever wedding cake flower sugar spray tutorial - ffeabysawsen

Equipment List Used for All Sugar Flowers*:

All of the below products were made by FMM.  Click the link to see the products.

Additionally you’ll need a craft knife, a rolling pin, paintbrushes  and a work mat if you so choose.

Colours Used for Sugar Flowers:

These colours are all by Rainbow Dust.  Click the link to see the products in detail.

Rainbow Dust Colour Flo droppers

Rainbow Dust Pro Gels

Plain & Simple edible dusts

easiest rose cutter ever wedding cake flower sugar spray tutorial - ffeabysawsen


Visit my previous blog posts below to see video tutorials with written instructions for making sugar roses, camellia, gardenia, peonies and old English roses.  Full equipment lists are provided.

The carnations and rose leaves were made simply using the instructions on the back of the cutter packets.

To assemble flowers on the cake:

Make all of the flowers as per the videos below. Ensure they dry fully before assembling.  When making the leaves, wait until they are fully dry before dusting, so they keep their shape.

When attaching to the cake, use royal icing or melted white candy melts like I did.  Where necessary, stick a toothpick inside the base of the flower and poke it into the cake for extra support.  

Please note : NEVER insert wires directly into the cake. Always use a food safe posy pick to insert, or coat in a food safe sealant then adhere to the surface of the cake using candy melts or royal icing.

Instructions for these 3 types of sugar rose can be found here: 3 Easy & Beautiful Sugar Roses with the “Easiest Rose Cutter Ever”

Instructions to make these flowers are here: Easy Sugar Camellia, Gardenia & Miniature Roses with the Smaller Easiest Rose Cutter Ever

and instructions to make these sugar peonies are here: 3 Fast & Stunning Sugar Peonies with the “Easiest Peony Cutter Ever”

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