Mountain Cake Backdrop tutorial

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Here’s a tutorial for creating a fondant landscape/ skycape backdrop, similar to the one seen in my Blossom Princess cake here.  Hope you find this useful!



Mountain board tutorial by Sawsen @ Fancy Favours & Edible Art

Equipment (some affiliate links are shown alongside):

      1. Board, cut to size – West Foam Board A1 5mm Single Sheet – Color: White
      2. PVA glue – Craft Planet PVA School Glue, Transparent
      3. Aluminium foil
      4. 1 kg white fondant – Satin Ice Sugarpaste / Rolled Fondant – White Vanilla 1Kg
      5. flexi-smoother – Squires Kitchen – Bellissimo Flexi Smoother-Medium
      6. Sugarflair Navy gel colour – Sugarflair Spectral Concentrated Paste Colour – Navy
      7. Ball point pen
      8. Spray bottle & water
      9. Paintbrushes & large, clean fluffy brush
      10. Optional – purple, grey and cornflower blue petal dusts



      1. Trace or draw the outline of your mountains onto the board


2. Tear off sections of aluminium foil and crumple it then re-open, to give it a rock like texture.  Use the PVA glue to attach the foil to the board, following the lines of the template.  Take care to ensure the foil edges are reasonably level with the board.

board2 board3

3. Continue this process, using thicker layers of foil for as you work down, to give the illusion of perspective.  You may wish to use a few heavy books on top of the foil to ensure good contact as it dries.  Allow to dry overnight.


4. Roll out a thin section of white fondant to about 3mm thick, large enough to cover the sky and top layer of foil.  Spray the appropriate section of foil lightly with water, and carefully transfer the fondant.  Use a flexi-smoother to smooth out the fondant for the sky, taking care not to smooth the mountain.  For the mountain, use a fluffy brush (such as an unused makeup brush) to adhere the fondant to the foil.  If desired, use your fingers to add a little more texture.


5. Split the remaining fondant into 3 parts and tint in increasing shades of blue.  Cover the rest of the foil similarly, using darker shades as you work into the foreground of the picture.

board6 board7

6. Allow the board to dry fully.

7. If desired, use grey petal dust to deepen the crevices in the rock, and the cornflower blue to highlight.  Finally, use the purple dust on a large, soft brush to deepen the colours in the lowest 1/3 of the board.




board9 Use behind your cake 🙂 Enjoy!



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