Thanksgiving harvest horn of plenty / cornucopia cake

buttercream cornucopia harvest horn of plenty cake - thanksgving centrepiece -

In this full length video tutorial, I walk you step by step through making your own buttercream & chocolate horn of plenty (or cornucopia) cake, by carving a cake, shaping cake dough, moulding fruit, coating with chocolate and piping and painting in buttercream.  The horn of plenty is a well known symbol of abundance and the harvest and is widely associated with Thanksgiving, making this cake a perfect holiday centrepiece for your table.

This tutorial is in honour of my 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.  It’s been an awesome 6 months since I started regularly uploading videos, I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had from you all, and hope you’ll continue to watch for the big things I have planned for the next 6 months 🙂

Step by step written instructions:

  • Buttercream recipe: click here
  • Cake: 3x 8″ round layers using a triple batch of this recipe, or pound cake/ victoria sponge
  • 200g white chocolate plus 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • DIY colours of choice or gel colours, I used both

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      1. cut the 8″ rounds in half and layer 3 of them with buttercream as shown.
      2. carve to a horn shape.  Use all remaining cake and scraps to make cake dough.
      3. use dough to form the top and tail of the horn. Coat in buttercream.  Chill well.
      4. form a base and fruit out of cake dough as shown.  Use modelling tools or moulds to shape (the ones I used are below. Please note, I haven’t used the mould with candy melts, so I cannot say how well it works with those. It’s good for cake dough though.)

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      5. melt the chocolate and oil together and pour over the fruit.  Tap on the counter to allow excess to drip off then clean up using a scraper.  Chill until set.
      6. Use coloured buttercream to paint the fruit.  Build up the colour in layers until you’re happy.  Pipe berries & freeze (tutorial here)
      7. use a #4 tip to pipe lines of chocolate buttercream (recipe variation at bottom of post) along the horn as shown, then pipe a basketweave pattern using tip #47.

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      8. finish with buttercream leaves (tutorial here), vines and place the frozen berries.

Thank you for watching, and good luck in creating your own horn of plenty cake 🙂


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