Buttercream Mermaid Jewel Cake – as featured in Cake Masters Magazine May 2017

ButtercreamMermaid Jewels Cake - Cake Masters Magazine - May 2017 - ffeabysawsen

Is it possible to make jewels out of buttercream?  This is the question I was asked by my friends at Cake Masters a few months back, when they invited me to produce a tutorial to be published in their buttercream special.  well I’d never tried, but I immediately thought of a few methods to test out.  Several experiments later I’d managed to create my first beautiful faceted buttercream jewels made out of my own egg free Swiss buttercream!  Once I perfected the technique, I drafted a buttercream Mermaid themed design, with jewelled “scales”, cake lace fishnet, edible pirate’s treasure and piped pearls.  The result can be seen in my video here 🙂

The full written tutorial with a detailed equipment list and step-by-step pictures can be found in Cake Masters magazine May 2017 issue, which you can purchase online at their shop here.  A few of the products I used in the tutorial are linked after the image below.

Some products I used:

I’ve shown pretty much all of the steps in my video, but won’t be able to field any questions asking for more detail than that.  If you want to know the rest you’ll have to find a copy of the magazine!

I hope you enjoyed this preview of my tutorial! Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more cakes coming soon <3


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