New Series: Buttercream fruit & flower wreath cakes 1/6: Pomegranate & pomegranate blossom

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Watch a brand new series of 6 innovative buttercream fruit & flower wreath cake tutorials starting this week! I created 6 unique designs using unusual methods to pipe, shape and colour buttercream for a stunning result. The designs feature buttercream fruit, leaves and flower blossoms which are all nature-inspired – and will be uploaded free to watch on my Youtube channel ūüôā So whether you’d like to pipe a pomegranate, pears, guava blossoms or anything more, this is the place to be!

You can see all 6 designs in the preview here:

Now on to the first cake:

1/6: Buttercream Pomegranate wreath cake:

I show how to pipe¬†realistic looking pomegranate fruits¬†and blossoms, and dust them with colour (yes, I figured out it’s possible to do that, and I show you just how in my video ūüôā ) before assembling into a wreath on an iced cake. ¬† Technically, the blossoms I chose to pipe aren’t the full flower, but the leftover sepals after the flower has been fertilised and the petals fall off. ¬†I thought it’d suit the design of the cake better that way – but if you’d rather try the whole flower you can pipe it the same way as a bright European poppy (video here). ¬†If you haven’t seen it yet, my full tutorial for the buttercream pomegranate wreath cake¬†is here:

If you’ve already watched, read on!

More information:

Buttercream recipe: My eggless Swiss Meringue buttercream РSEBC (or here if you prefer no protein powder versions)

Colours:¬†I use a mix of natural and gel colours. ¬†You can see my DIY natural colours video to learn how, or use a combination of similar gel or powder colours to get the same look. ¬†I don’t recommend using any very liquid food colouring as it’ll probably make your buttercream split.

Before you start: ¬†prepare¬†a smooth iced 6″ cake. ¬†If you don’t know how to ice a cake smoothly, I recommend using my tutorials here for a semi-naked cake plus recipe, and here for a fully iced (frosted) one. ¬†My blog posts and videos should help teach you the most straightforward way to get a professional looking result.


Detailed Instructions:

The instructions and all¬†products you need¬†are linked in the list below, for both the US and UK. ¬†These are affiliate links, which means you get to support my tutorials without paying a penny more than usual. Thank you for supporting my channel ūüôā


Here’s everything, in order of appearance in the video:

    1. Pomegranates:
      • DIY piping cone or any large round tip
      • colours: turmeric & a tiny pinch of¬†beetroot powder for the fruit.
      • Pipe a blob of finishing consistency buttercream (not sure what that is? watch¬†here) on parchment paper then sharply tap the flower nail on the table a few times to help it spread into a disc. ¬†Be sure to freeze your discs before piping¬†the final features and dusting!
      • Dusting colour: poppy red: USA: buy here, UK: buy here
      • Fan brush: USA: buy here, UK: buy here
    2. Pomegranate base centres:
      • ¬†small DIY leaf tip for the calyx, filled with the original colour (as in 1 above)
      • tip: any writing tip or DIY piping cone,
      • colour: as above with a bit of melted chocolate or brown colouring added
      • pipe a small blob of brown on the bottom of the fruit, then overlap it with small leaf shapes to complete the calyx. ¬†Re-freeze when done.
    3. Blossoms, centre: 
      • tip¬†DIY piping cone,
      • colours: yellow & red gel colours (see my recommended products list to see which I used)
      • pipe¬†a small lump of buttercream, then pipe narrow stamens in the centre and all around the perimeter.
    4. Blossoms, sepals (petals):
      • small¬†DIY leaf tip,
      • colours:¬†as above
      • pipe petals all around the perimeter of the flower stamens. ¬†freeze when done.
    5. Blossoms, yellow:
    6. Branches:
    7. Leaves:
      • DIY leaf tip,
      • colours:¬†leaf green & yellow
      • pipe leaves spaced around the branches, then position the frozen fruit and flowers around the wreath on top.

That should be all you need to know to make your own pomegranate wreath cake! Stay tuned and subscribe to my channel to watch the next 5 tutorials coming up!

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