Buttercream fruit & flower wreath cake 5/6: Blackberry & bramble blossom

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Welcome to the penultimate cake in this series – and my personal favourite – a beautiful blackberry, bramble and blossom wreath cake.  Buttercream blackberries have been seen on many cakes before, yet never in quite this way.  I show how to pipe blackberries and raspberries without getting little peaks on each seed, and how to pipe and dust a beautifully complex blackberry blossom flower.  The result is absolutely beautiful 🙂 This is cake number 5 of a series of 6 unique and innovative buttercream fruit & flower wreath cake tutorials I’ve made for my YouTube channel.  Watch it below.

More information:

Buttercream recipe: My eggless Swiss Meringue buttercream – SEBC (or here if you prefer no protein powder versions)

Colours: I use a mix of natural and gel colours.  You can see my DIY natural colours video to learn how, or use a combination of similar gel or powder colours to get the same look.  I don’t recommend using any very liquid food colouring as it’ll probably make your buttercream split.

Before you start:  prepare a smooth iced 6″ cake.  If you don’t know how to ice a cake smoothly, I recommend using my tutorials here for a semi-naked cake plus recipe, and here for a fully iced (frosted) one.  My blog posts and videos should help teach you the most straightforward way to get a professional looking result.

Detailed Instructions:

The instructions and products you’ll need are linked in the list below, for both the US and UK.  These are affiliate links, which means you get to support my tutorials without paying a penny more than usual.

Here’s everything, in order of appearance in the video:

    1. Blackberries, centre:
    2. Blackberries, seeds:
      • DIY piping cone
      • colours: Rainbow dust colour flo purple for both shades, just vary the concentration to get each colour.
      • Optional: dust the unripe berries with a little pale green edible dust after freezing.

Rainbow Dust Colour Flo Concentrated Liquid Food Air Brush Colouring – 6 Colours


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  1.  Blossoms, petals:
  2. Blossoms, green:
  3. Blossoms, stamens:
  4. Blossoms, centre and stamen heads:
  5. Branches:
  6. Leaves:
    • DIY leaf tip,
    • colours: spirulina and matcha (or green & yellow gel colours)
    • pipe leaves spaced around the branches, then position the frozen fruit and flowers around the wreath on top.  Cut the flowers before positioning if required.

That should be all you need to know to make your own blackberry and bramble blossom wreath cake! Take the idea of buttercream wreath cakes to a whole new level by adding realistic looking shiny, glossy, piped berries and dusted buttercream blossoms to your cake 🙂 Stay tuned and subscribe to my channel to watch the final buttercream fruit & flower cake tutorial coming up!

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