Blue & diamond wedding cake in Birmingham & diamante tier separator tutorial

Hello my dears,

This is my most recent wedding cake, for a lovely couple in Birmingham last weekend.  The theme was pale blues, diamonds, roses, white and silver.  Here are a few of the photos the bride sent for inspiration for the cake.

blue material wedding flowers wedding jewellery

The design I decided on was to have baby blue satin-like gumpaste ruffles on the bottom tier, diamante tier separators I would custom make myself, and various gumpaste appliques in silver and blue.  Finally, there would be a spray of wafer paper roses near the top, and a small pedestal for the topper provided by the bride.

I also got to try my new Rolkem Super Silver lustre dust for the first time and I’m so happy with the result! A beautiful metallic silver grey is achieved with so little, painted directly on to blue gumpaste.  All the other edible silver colours I have are more pearlescent white, but this is really silver.  You can click on the banners below to get some of your own:

Rolkem Super Gold Metallic Edible Luxury Lustre Dusting Powder 10ml

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Rolkem Super Silver Metallic Edible Luxury Lustre Dusting Powder 10ml

Price: $6.40

(0 customer reviews)

1 used & new available from $6.40

Here are the final images of the cake





There were a few hiccups along the way… first off, it was so humid my ganache had trouble setting – I think I need to pop it in the fridge a while next time!  Next, I realised at the 11th hour that my cone frilling tool was incredibly useless – it not only has a seam along TWO edges which tears the gumpaste (gah) but the head also fell off the handle and I had to hold just the head to make ALL the ruffles on the bottom tier! Needless to say I need to get some better tools… does anyone have any suggestions for which ones I should get?


The cake was so tall and the weather so sunny and hot I was quite worried about delivery too, but thank goodness everything went without a hitch.  I completely forgot how nerve wracking delivery can be!

Lastly, I filmed a little YouTube tutorial for how I made the diamante tier separators.  Here are some more details for how I did it:

You will need:

  1. polystyrene cake dummies or tier separators (I used 6 & 7″, 2″ high)
  2. two food safe poly coated boards per separator (6 & 7″)
  3. “bit of bling” silver Duck Tape
  4. Double sided sticky tape
  5. diamante ribbon trim of the same width as your separators (2″ for me, I trimmed a little to size)
  6. scissors
  7. tacky glue
  8. optional: extra gems to decorate

The method is pretty straightforward and can be seen in my video here:


After creating the base as shown, I used additional large gems to decorate one side of the separators.  The topper holder (for the bride’s own topper, not pictured) was made similarly, but without the use of diamante ribbon.  Consider placement of gems carefully to reinforce and conceal the ribbon seams.  Once set, allow to dry overnight or until completely fixed.

I would recommend stacking the cakes on to these at the venue, as the food safe boards can be quite slippery.  Other than that, you could use some ganache or icing to secure the bottom of your cake board to the top of the separator.

Hope you found this useful!





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