Birch tree stump cake decorating tutorial

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Welcome to my latest cake decorating tutorial – a full length buttercream birch tree stump cake video! I show you how to decorate the cut end of the log, make birch tree bark effects, pipe moss, leaves and branches with NO special piping tips – just a batch of my buttercream and some disposable piping bags/ cones. This cake would be great for nature lovers, for father’s day, a tiered wedding cake, or just anyone who appreciates the beauty of silvery birch trees 🙂

You can see the video below here:

I’ve made a few of these tree stump cake tutorials now. You can see my first original tree stump cake video here, if you haven’t already:

and my Yule Log for a winter variation on the theme:

Buttercream recipe:

If you’re a home baker or hobbyist, you can use my super easy & delicious Easy Chocolate Buttercream recipe below. Serious foodies or pro’s should use my original SEBC buttercream recipe chocolate flavour variation, beneath the simple version.
Piping tips:



Watch my DIY food colours video and the following blog post on how to mix dark colours in buttercream for more details. 

  • Pale brown wood: chocolate buttercream
  • Leaves: melted chocolate plus turmeric
  • dark brown: chocolate buttercream plus melted chocolate
  • black: dark brown plus black gel colour
  • grey birch bark: white buttercream plus a little black
  • Dusts: Rainbow Dust Lime Zest and Poppy Red

Take a look at my all new “recommended tools & products” list if you’d like to see which natural and gel colours I used, or any other cake decorating tools you see in my videos

  • Prepare half a batch of my buttercream, links above, and colour using natural or gel colours.  The recipe for chocolate buttercream is in the “flavour variations” section of the second post.
  • Divide the buttercream into piping bags or cones filled with the appropriate colours.
  • Start with a roughly crumb coated & chilled cake.  I used a 4″ round by 4″ high on a 6″ board.
  • Spread some pale brown on the top of the cake, then add features in dark brown as shown on the video.  Use a fork to make rings in the wood.
  • Ice the cake roughly with grey buttercream.  You want some uneven texture to mimic birch tree bark.
  • Use black to pipe features in the bark, then spread some using a spatula as shown.
  • Pipe leaves in the medium/ caramel brown shade and freeze solid.  Dust with powder colours as shown.
  • Pipe moss using a small DIY leaf piping tip, pressing hard to create a small ruffle effect as the buttercream squirts out.
  • pipe branches using dark brown, then position the frozen leaves on the cake.


That should be all you need to know to make your own super cute birch tree stump cake 🙂  Thank you for watching & stay tuned for more tutorials to come!


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